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Tonaxinum Forte for the night Tonaxinum Forte for the night

Tonaxinum Forte for the night contains ingredients that support normal sleep.

Tonaxinum Forte for the night can be administered in order to:

  • facilitate falling asleep and support normal sleep (extract from hops, extract from lemon balm leaves).
  • calm down before sleep (extract from lemon balm leaves).

Extract from hops supports normal sleep.

Extract from bark of magnolia helps in maintaining good physical mood.

Extract from lemon balm leaves facilitate falling asleep and maintaining a healthy sleep. Supports calmness.

Recommended daily dose of the preparation:

1 or 2 coated pills half an hour before sleep.

Storage conditions:

The preparation should be stored in room temperature (15⁰C-25⁰C), in a dry place and out of the sight and reach of children. Keep away from damp and light.

Available packages:

A package of 30 coated pills.
A package of 60 coated pills.